liberate la gola

ristorante - wine bar

Via Madonna dei Monti, 28
00184 Roma

Phone: +39 06 699 09 68
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Fafiuché - liberate la gola
our Project

Concentrating an excellent mix of food and wine quality products created by small traditional companies, following a constant research in many Italian territories and also listening to our customers info during pleasant conversations.

Offering the opportunity to have lunch, dinner or simply tickling, creating dishes with the same products mentioned above, often combined, which become excellent and unique quality dishes.

Choosing, because we're completely far from the big distribution philosophy, to find places which are also distant from it, giving value to the moments experienced in our shop and also to the context and the pleasure of arriving to us.

Bringing the offer up to date, continuing the research of products in Italy, studying ways to propose and combine them, with a focus on the constant improvement for the best and particular food and wine.

Creating events, both cultural and playful, with the aim to promote the concept of eating and drinking seen as knowledge and mindfulness.

"The only thing I know is I don't know", said Socrates.

We only know this is a simple beginning and that we have so much to discover and so much to offer. Something good sometimes is not a famous brand, it's little and hidden, so that the research is difficult and the discovery can be fascinating and fulfilling.

We know that our shop can become always better and that we can improve our warm welcome to you.

We started this travel together, and we deeply believe that our main motivation will remain this passion for quality and the desire to make all our visitors feel good

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