liberate la gola

ristorante - wine bar

Via Madonna dei Monti, 28
00184 Roma

Phone: +39 06 699 09 68
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Fafiuché - liberate la gola
Welcome to Fafiuché

A shop where you can taste and try whatever you want, or a bar where you can buy the products you have just tasted?

Fafiuché was set up to fulfill both these requirements. Here you can see and touch, and use both your eyes and palate.

Sit down and try something new,
buy something to take home,

or simply…. free your taste buds!

We will be happy to advise you on both traditional or lesser known combinations, sometimes unusual or surprising, always enjoyable.
Feel free to peruse and select from our range of products, as well as making any suggestions you may have to us.

Free to do things differently.

Be it working lunch, quick snack, sipping a glass of wine or trying a new aperitif.
Or a fine Italian dinner after a stroll around one of the most beautiful parts of Rome.
Eitherway, drop by and askus about the new arrivals in store and try them.
Allow yourself to go on a journey, amble along with no particular destination…

A journey through the world of Italian flavour sand a pleasant evening out…

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